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  • Carry out advanced biotechnological R&D and process engineering activities within the scope of disease modeling, diagnosis and treatment approaches in the field of stem cell and regenerative medicine,

  • Present the products developed by the company in this direction, with proven quality, safety and efficiency, to our country and the world market,

  • Create manpower, to train undergraduate and graduate students in related fields and to organize training programs for scientists on quality management, cellular therapy R&D studies, cell culture and manipulation,

  • Provide technical and scientific opportunities for research, with academic, administrative and industrial institutions at home and abroad to contribute to scientific and technological development and to produce world-class scientific data within the framework of high-level scientific research and projects through cooperation.

With the interdisciplinary nature of our company, is to provide significant benefits to our country and the world in the investigation and treatment of chronic and life-threatening diseases that are of or not of origin with advanced biotechnological approaches, and to fulfill what is lacking in this field in terms of implementation of education, scientific research and community service practices.
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